Visualisation video on Publishing and distribution

This week I attempted to work on Question2 from the lists for the final essay.

From the extra readings from week 10’s folder, I found several “essay” as an example approach to my final project, and I believe that making a short video will be really interesting. However I am not familiar with animations. So I made a short one based on question two here, and I will work on it using formats that I am more familiar with for it – images and texts.

Anyways, this video is mainly about how role of publishing has changed throughout history, and how authorship and challenged with the new media. This is the background information for now, you should watch it yourself to discover more!

Lastly, there is background music, which I got from the creative commons]. So turn on your speaker, and ENJOY!




Bibliography watch?v=_3tam2Pwyqk watch?v=d22Hvh-odGY watch?v=vxuCiuk2fes watch?v=ryisVf3Dbqs watch?v=lFZ0z5Fm-Ng


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