Archiving the archivable archive

How do people record, store and find what they need in archives like this?

When we talk about archives, you might think of a huge stack of yellowish paper with faded ink and artisitic handwriting on it. In fact, with the internet, we are archiving all contents we published.

You have become a accidental archiver when you update your facebook statues, upload a video on youtuve, share a news online or post a picture on Tumblr… Once published, all of these will become archives that exist forever in the online world. Not only instantly accessible to the public, but remain as a kind of real-time archives immediately.

Before the development of the internet, people keep records of history and ideas by writing with ink, and storing them will be problematic as paper turned yellow, ink blurred, pages missing, etc. With the web 2.0 well-established, all content become archivable and nothing will be lost.

The following link is a mind map I created to relate some ideas on Archive Fever:

To conclude, archives changes how data are stored, expressed, distributed and used. This fever has no stopping to it! See how my phone beeps when I received notification from my Twitter and Facebook! Do you have the same experiences?


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