The fall of print and online publications, the rise of eTablet applications


Print publications are considered out-of-date long time ago and it is reported on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald on 8th this month, that UNSW has threw away libraries books that no one has borrowed for five consecutive years. However you didn’t, hear me wrong, online publications are also considered as out-dated.

From the readings this week, David, C. (2010) reported that Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corporation, is going to introduce charges for access to all his news websites, including the Times, Sunday Times and the News of the World. Also, the New York Times is planning to introduce a pay wall to its website later this year after being freely read online since the establishment of its website.

What does this imply? People are now using eTablets such as iPad, Kindle and so on to get free or a minimal subscription fee to gain access to applications for various newspapers, books and magazines.

“Online measurement is going through rapid change, and that has huge implications for media planners and buyers. In some ways it will make their work easier, but it will also present new challenges” written by staff of the online magazine, Media Life (2010).

With the instability in market of the traditional publication companies, they can’t just wait until bankrupt but to start putting works into the electronic format, adding new interactions functions, and videos to accompany the content. Some companies even published eBooks only, reducing the price for the publication process in order to survive in this competitive environment.


First Japanese anime applications for iPhone, iPad (photo: From 2010,, 25 October)


Not only American publications are made into electronic applications, even the Japanese has participate in this media revolution. Ishaan (2010) has reported that not only American magazines, but Japanese magazine has launched their own electronic applications. ASCII Media Works, the Japanese publisher of Gunslinger Girl and Yotsuba!, are set to launch a new digital manga magazine titled Dengeki Comic Japan, the magazine will launch on the iPhone and iPad and will later expand to the PC platform.

It can be seen that traditional and pure online publications are now facing serious threats from application developers. I predict that in the near future, they will get out compete and be eliminated by the market. As the Apple products keep on updating and having more and better features, launching from originally once a year to once a few months. Probably iPad10 will be launched sometimes next year! Can you image what will our next generation be reading? They might not even know what a book is!


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